George Sellar VC 1850-1889


George Sellar was born in 1850 in Wellington Terrace, Fife-Keith.

About 1869 he enlisted in the 72nd  Regiment. On 14th December, 1879,

while serving in Afghanistan with the72nd Regiment during the Second

Afghan War, Lance Corporal Sellar led an attack on Asmai Heights,

outside Kabul. During the fierce battle he was severely wounded but

his bravery had not gone unnoticed and he was awarded the Victoria

Cross for displaying gallantry in the field of battle.


The citation in the London Gazette 18th October 1881 reads:

“For conspicuous gallantry displayed by him at the assault

on the Asmai Heights, round Kabul, on the 14th December

1879, in having in a marked manner led the attack, under a

heavy fire, and dashing on in front of the party up a slope,

engaged in a desperate conflict with an Afghan who sprang

out to meet him. In this encounter Lance Corporal Sellar was

severely wounded.”


In 1881 the 72nd Regiment amalgamated with the 78th Regiment to

become the 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. By 1882 George had been

promoted to the rank of Sergeant.


The Battalion was sent to Egypt during the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 and was

involved in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir. In 1887 he was appointed Sergeant

Instructor of the Lairg Company of the 1st Sutherland and Caithness Highland

Rifle Volunteers.


Sergeant Sellar died on 1st November 1889 and was laid to rest in Lairg

cemetery in Sutherland. His Victoria Cross can be seen at the Highlanders

Museum, Fort George, Ardersier.